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Jacqueline Schäfer was Born in 1961, and lives in Amsterdam. It was also in this city that she graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 1989. 


Until then, painting was a personal activity that she shared with her family : A form of expression. When she discovered that her work was also a means of communication, painting then took another dimension. During her studies, she explored different techniques : paintings and sculptures in painted resin. 


Fascinated by a palette of bright colors, strongly marked by contours and graphic forms, she proceeds to the synthesis of these three constants to produce works that are a nod to cubism and reflets her sensitivity and love of life. 


A set of specific forms in flamboyant colors and black outlines supported by harmoniously bounding colored areas : this is what clearly distinguishes her style. 


She opted for the figurative style, however not necessarily realistic. She creates an enchanting world in which the shapes of the figures are recognized and especially unique. 


The themes she explores in her paintings vary : rare birds, whimsical and full of gaiety, through more sober still lives, and the female nude. 


The nudes mainly represent the moods and feelings of the painter and are almost in the sens of self-portraits. She expresses her commitment to offer comforting and warm words to her collectors. 


All of the work of Schäfer evokes a pure and optimistic love of life in a complex modern society. 

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