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Isa K was attracted to painting from an early age. She is from Lyon and has studied many years at Catherine Chaux’s studio. She now lives in Perigord. 


In 2008, when she had to paint a woman’s portrait, her studio witnessed the meeting between the artist and the famous « Converse ». The artist explains that her model was wearing Converses. An old pair of shoes that seemed to be part of her body. More than shoes, they have lived and embody memories of a life time ». It ticked, Isa K forgot about her model and started drawing shoes only.


Isa would feed from this moment following this new idea, and inspiration. She begins a series a canvas where the shoe has the first role, intergenerational symbol. As a synecdoche, the shoe, algorithm in itself, translate the essence of living. Memories keep us from being away, bringing us back to different time period, stories lived. Those objects from our everyday lives keep us in real time. More than a clue objet, Isa K offers a variety of shoes, customizes, sanctifies the emblematic objet of our modern society. 


In her work, the shoe often colored is a place for memories, a source of pleasures, and an dreamlike invitation provoking joy by just looking at it. 



In 2011, Isa K discovers a new media, the metal, bringing modernity to her work. Her mural sculptures painted and resinous are transcended by a pop pictural composition.


If her converses have been part of international art fairs for years, it’s because Isa K invites us to dream by the way of sculptures portraying her enthusiasm for the world, thanks to sharp colors. 

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