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Plastic artists from Spain, those two artists have managed to impose themselves on the contemporary art international market, thanks to their unusual style. 


« A travel diary from an unknown land », this is how Mersuka Dopazo and Teresa Calderon describe their work. 


Creating a full self-sufficiency, they work on the painting with four hands, where paper and fabric mix up in naive compositions. Every single element on canvas is submitted to search of the object, conferring a spiritual dimension on works.


Intensely shaped, paper, fabric and drawings are juxtaposed, between pigments and white part of the canvas. Their works have the same language. 

Different contrats are part of the compositions, where rythme and order are brought into opposition with curved lines and spontaneity. In fact, the reflexion on plain and empty parts of the work, as well as the regularity cutting off the liberty of a drawing in colors and shapes, allow to explore  harmony and a balance between unexpected and partition. 


Loving large works, Mersuka Dopazo and Teresa Calderon offer a rich painting with finesse, where substance effects are masters. 

Homeless People, Couples, Travels People, Animals, are series allowing density and imagination, feeding meetings, nourishing their compositions. 


Their undeniable talent was first showcased in the prestigious art fair « Art on Paper » during the Armory Week, in New York. The exhibition was entitled « Jardin de Papel ». Their works have been displayed in numerous fairs in the UK, the USA, Canada, Singapour, as well as Hong Kong and in Europe. 

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