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Daan Oude Elferink was born in 1978 and lives close to Nijmegen, in the Netherlands. A solitary photograph was his doorway to a whole experience, from perilous accession to the imposing silence of the deserted places he portrays.


He acquired his first camera in 2009, and it became the instrument of a genuine quest for the essence of the past. Fascinated by urban exploration, Daan was quickly attracted to the silent beauty of desolation, which he skillfully transposes in his shots.


Intensely interested in the historic weight of monuments in ruins, he travels the world accompanied by Urban Exploration (Urbex) followers, irresistibly attracted to abandoned sites. The collective unearths new abandoned sites and travels the world in search of the perfect image. The marked contrasts of their photos sublimate a darkened room which has not welcomed guests in decades, and theater rooms long empty of their audiences...


In order to capture all the subtle nuances within a single instant, Daan Oude Elferink makes use of the HDR process (Hight Dynamic Range), which consists of taking three to five identical views, each one with a different light exposition. These images are then merged by computer, bringing to life photographs of hight impact.


Daan Oude Elferink's sensibility shows through his works, whose unusual atmospheres mysteriously attract the viewer... The promise of a wonderful journey opens in front of the artist's lens, and we are invited to follow him on his journey.



Major works

  • Falling Leaves
  • Ancient Beauty
  • Royal Corridor
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