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Etnarref, from Sicily, has the innocence of children and the spontaneity they loose when they become teenagers. 


Etnarref gets his inspiration from the sources of art, up to imitating the gesture of men from the caverns, before they used an elaborated language, drawn and painted on walls to proclame their identity. 


Etnarref expresses himself with his heart and the human heat specific to people from the South. Being an expressionist before all, he liberates on canvas or paper, pure and simple dreams, recreating a traditional Comedia dell’arte where the fool seems to be king, where the mask expresses feelings without detour. 


Etnarref no longer is unknown among contemporary art amateurs and his style, recalling Massimo Campigli, pleases an increasing number of collectors for whom the understanding of art does not have anything enigmatic. 


Etnarref is everyone’s friend, a sensitive artist that does not try to cut corners and lives from day to day, translating reality, perceived through a child soul, and with arms only bright colors and a joyful feature. 


Etnarref, the enchanting, leads us into a tale without ending, cadenced by the laugh of children and  the whisper of fairies. All of this, making his painting magical. As used to say Baudelaire, a man having the genius of childhood, have the genius by which no aspect of life is dulled. 


Etnarref’s work is as a ray of light in our lives, often full of eternal anxiety.

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