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« Three thousand six hundred times an hour, Second Whispers: Remember! »

This verse by Baudelaire could be read on Alberto’s epitaph because the anxiety of the passing of time is such a recurring theme in his works. 



Obsessed by time and by the effect of its passage on himself, he came to seize this challenging and rich subject through the use of an object of choice.

To him, time is not only a duration but both an instant and its opposite: eternity.


Influenced by Duchamp’s premise which gave birth to the concept of ready-made — an upside-down urinal entitled « fountain » — Alberto handles the symbol of the manufactured object with passion. The artist transforms a daily object into a piece of art by absorbing the temporality of the watch as object.


More than just a watch, he stages the canonical Rolex as a symbol of both luxury and perfection.


When evoking the nobility of Art in parallel with owning an exceptional watch, Rolex achieved to inscribe itself through time as a milestone within each periods of time.


The artist — through his canvases — invites us to navigate across the seasons. In a Pop endeavor, Alberto’s inspirations reinvent either the icons or the symbols of our society.



If the worth of a watch is always estimated by the amount of emotion it arouses, Alberto’s work is thus entwined with the world around us.


Pop Art

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